Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Winterville Georgia Marigold Festival 2017!!! Welcome to the Eco Village!

Okay, so I have pretty much experiences the all time high-light of my professional career this past weekend by participating  in the Winterville Georgia Marigold Festival parade and 1st ever Eco Village. I got to follow the one and only Ms. Edna in the parade: the most high energy one-eyed, toothless, octogenarian, trans-gendered, tap dancer in full hand made regalia ever!!! She tapped danced her way down the streets of this adorable little town in the deep south on Saturday, and I got to ring my bike bell in time with her moves! waving that thanking the folks of Winterville for being such a great community to ride bike through!!!
I got to chat away with Ms. Edna for about an hour and half before the parade started, and she just blew my mind. She told me about how in 1984 she was walking through the mall for exercise, when she heard an interesting percussive sound, and looked over the balcony railing to see an little 9 year old girl in full costume doing a traditional German clogging dance. "Ms. Edna decided then and there she wanted to BE that little 9 year old girl, and by golly! SHE IS!!! We both spent a minute sending out all our good vibes of thanks to that little girl where ever she is, for all the happiness and inspirations she has brought into this world!
  Little City Diner is one of the first businesses to advertise with us and I was really thrilled to have their banner on the cart in the parade too!
 Being in the Eco Village was a lovely way to spend the day. Kids were encouraged to visit each of the nine booths to get their bingo  card stamped for entry into a drawing for a kayak, and so I plunked myself down at eye level on my picnic blanket on the ground with my "Babes on Bikes" pop-up Gang Zine to talk about how anyone of any age can ride a bike for a better world and also anyone of any age can be an entrepreneur, building businesses for a better world too! There was one little lady, probably about 4 or 5 who told me she wants to build her own tiny house! I happened to have a few copies of another hand-made pop-up book I made a few years ago, "The Legendary $ide-Money Pop-up Book" about the journey with money to build my little off grid ultimate play house. In case she and her mom visit this blog post please follow this LINK to the blog I have been blogging along with over the years about building my house. Lots of HOW-TO! If I can do it so can you!!! 
Another high point of he day was getting me meet n' greet "Little Miss Marigold" Alora Plemmons! She even ran back across the field to give me a good-bye hug before heading home after a very exciting day!!!

We advertised the Eco Village ahead of the event on our bike carts, and we made the banner so it can be re-used next year too! Looking forward to it already!

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