Friday, May 12, 2017

Be Present!!! Don't text and Drive!!!

WOA!!!! Savage Cyclist!! Check out Colin Busting Righteous Moves today!!! and also demonstrating the perfect cycling posture! He is especially motivated to ride these hours with the Be Present! Don't Text and Drive message sponsored by Hub Bikes here in Athens because he lost his best friend to a texting driver in 2014. His friend was crushed on his moped, he lost his life and Colin's life was changed forever.

 The Hub Bikes sponsored this banner in memory of Ashley Block, a young woman who was killed last year while on a group ride hosted by the shop. She was hit head on by a drug and high texting drive who crossed the yellow lines and smashed into her and the cyclists behind her....while her 2 year old child was in the car. Thanks to the Hub for their advocacy for our local cycling community and cycling culture.

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